Open Letter from the NYC Bike Family to Mayor Adams

Dear Mayor Adams, 

Traffic violence has killed 26 New Yorkers riding bicycles in 2023 alone — and more than 183 total New Yorkers walking, biking, and driving across New York City this year. This year’s deadly spike in deaths puts New York City on track for the second deadliest year for bike riders in recorded history, and surpasses 200 bike riders dying on our streets since the start of the Vision Zero program in 2014.

We write this letter to demand your attention and action to ensure that no more New Yorkers die on your streets. As a cyclist, you know and understand the risks of simply moving around this city on a bicycle, our streets increasingly have larger and heavier vehicles increasing the danger of riding on a bike lane or navigating the street. As mayor, you know that the City has the proven tools to ensure everyone can move safely around the five boroughs. As members of the NYC Bike Family, we are advocates, educators, social ride leaders, business owners and, most importantly, New Yorkers who want to ride to work or take our kids to school without the constant threat of death or serious injury. 

Steve Vaccaro along with 30 other members of New York City’s Bike Family signed this Letter to mayor Adams; read the full text here.