Our Advocacy for Better Cycling and Walking

A lifelong commitment to improving walking and cycling in New York City:

We bring together victims’ families, activists and legislators to change and enforce laws, shape driving behavior, and ultimately to end traffic violence.  Our lawyers have helped draft and enact the Right of Way Law, the Leading Pedestrian Interval Law, The Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Program, the reduction of New York’s citywide speed limit to 25 MPH, and the landmark legislation preserving New York City’s speed camera automated enforcement (the largest in the United States).

We serve on the boards and advisory panels of Bike New York, Transportation Alternatives, StreetsPAC, the New York Cycle Club, the New Jersey Bike Walk Coalition, and other groups that work to improve biking and walking. We represented the Five Borough Bicycle Club in its lawsuit to end harassment of group rides by the NYPD; Streetsblog, in its Freedom of Information lawsuit to save the Prospect Park West bike path and in other matters; and Transportation Alternatives, in proving up the shortcomings of NYPD crash investigations.

Our principal Steve Vaccaro regularly gives educational presentations to the New York Cycling Club, the Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey, the League of American Bicyclists, Rapha Cycling Club, the Five Borough Bicycling Club, the New Jersey Bike Walk Coalition, women’s Empowerment through Cycling, and many others.

We have invested hundreds of hours of volunteer time and given regular financial support to the organizations fighting for better walking and cycling linked at the bottom of this page.  We encourage you to click on the links and learn more about and support these groups’ important work!

Our Partners In Advocacy