“Video Showing Student Killed By NYPD Cruiser Remains Sealed,” Christopher Robbins for Gothamist

Gothamist reports on continuing efforts by NYPD to cover up the role of reckless driving by an NYPD officer that caused the death of Ryo Oyamda, a Japanese student in Long Island City.  The Oyamada family chose Steve vaccaro to represent them, and the evidence was ultimately made public.

Earlier this month, more than a year after 24-year-old Ryo Oyamada was killed by a speeding NYPD cruiser in Queensbridge, the police finally turned over the results of their investigation into his death to federal court. But the Oyamada family is still prohibited from viewing the materials of the investigation, including public documents and video footage that the NYPD claims will exculpate their officers.

Visit here for the full report: https://gothamist.com/news/video-evidence-showing-student-killed-by-nypd-cruiser-remains-sealed#.