“Group Says ‘Right of Way’ Law Must Be Enforced,” NY1

Amy Tam Liao and Hsi-Pei Liao (pictured above), whose daughter Allie was killed by a negligent driver, demonstrating support for the Right of Way Law. Amy and Hsi-Pei chose Steve Vaccaro to represent them, and after their case concluded they worked together to win enactment and enforcement of the Law, which creates penalties for sober, licensed negligent drivers.

A local advocacy group has launched an ad campaign urging the City Council to defend a relatively new traffic law.

“Families for Safe Streets” say they want to make sure the Right of Way law is strictly enforced across the five boroughs.

Under the measure, which went into effect last year, a driver who strikes and injures a pedestrian with the right of way gets charged with a misdemeanor, instead of a violation.

Union officials representing city bus drivers want them to be exempt from the law. But members of “Families for Safe Streets” say everyone behind the wheel should have to abide by it.

“My son Seth was a month short of his 23rd birthday when he was run over and killed by an MTA bus driver. Do I think that it would have made a difference if there was a right of way law when Seth was killed? Yes, I do. I think the bus driver would have thought twice before he ran over Seth in the crosswalk,” said Debbie Kahn, a supporter of the law.

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