We Have Helped Win Laws to Make Streets Safer

  • The Right of Way Law (enacted as Section 19-190 of the New York City Administrative Code) , which created the first and only criminal penalty for sober, stay-at-the-scene drivers who negligently injure or kill pedestrians or cyclists. 

  • The Reckless Driver Accountability Law (enacted as Section 19-190.5 of the New York City Administrative Code), which allows the city to boot and impound the vehicles involved in serious repeat speeding offenses, and forces the vehicles’ owner to attend proven-effective driver education sessions led by the families of fatal crash victims.

  • New York City’s Emergency Local Speed Camera Program, necessitated when the state legislature refused to authorize the use of automated camera-based enforcement in New York City. 

  • NYC’s State-Approved Speed Camera Program, the largest in the country with 750 cameras issuing approximately 90% of the moving violations ticketed in the city.

  • The Countdown Safety Law, which allows pedestrians to enter the roadway to cross as long as there is time left on the pedestrian signal “countdown clock”; repealing prior law holding that a pedestrian lost the right of way as soon as a crossing countdown clock appeared. 

  • The Cyclist Head Start Law, which allows cyclists to obey a white pedestrian crossing signal and enter an intersection even if the vehicular traffic signal is red, taking care to yield to pedestrians.